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Childcare advice on an infant’s teething process for those living in Austin, TX

Posted on 06-28-2014


Teething for an infant generally begins at six months, with the bottom front teeth emerging first from the gums. At approximately 30 months, the process ends with the appearance of the second molars. But in-between that time is an uncomfortable process for your growing infant. Although the pain level differs by child, they may become more fussy, drool, refuse to eat, and chew on objects to lessen their discomfort while teething. Luckily, many options are available to help your infant relieve teething problems.

  • Gum massage: Using your index finger, gently rub your infant’s gums. This is very soothing, but it may take time for your child to adjust to this technique.
  • Teething gel: If your child is fussing more than normal, ask your pediatrician if they recommend the use of a teething gel. Gels have a temporary numbing effect on the gums. They shouldn’t be used too often or near feedings, since the numbness can be problematic to bottle feeding or nursing.
  • Chewing: This action helps your child to massage their gums and receive relief. A teething ring or crackers specific to teething can be useful. Cold objects such as a clean, cold washcloth can provide extra relief. To avoid the possibility of choking on one of these objects, an infant should be fully supervised.
  • Cold food: Should an infant be eating solid foods, cool their food before serving it, which will provide some relief for sore gums. Cold yogurt, mashed fruit or baby cereal also can assist your child in regaining their appetite while teething.
  • As a last option, a pediatrician can prescribe an appropriate infant pain reliever. This should only be used for extreme cases and dosed exactly how it is prescribed.

Baby Earth in Austin is a great store for finding many safe, age-appropriate infant items, including teething toys. They also offer an online buying option and same-day delivery for added convenience.

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