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Austin Day Care: How does early brain development influence language capabilities?

Posted on 01-30-2015


During the early stages of your day care child’s development you will notice that, as your child grows older and develops intellectually, he or she will start mastering the language that is spoken in the home. Young children learn language with ease. Many parents wonder what affects language development during these early years. We share some insight into how early brain development can affect language skills, and what you can do to promote this development, during the day care and preschool years.

Language skills

As your child hears more words being spoken, an understanding of tone, pronunciation, and the intricacies of language will begin to develop. Your child will develop the ability to form full, comprehensive sentences, and will begin to tell and makeup stories. In order to promote this learning, you must be clear in your communications to help your child understand the meanings of words. You can encourage your child by being a careful listener. In both listening and talking to your child, you promote active brain development.

Social skills

Social skills are an important part of brain development. Language is social in nature, and one needs to understand language in order to effectively engage with others. You can help with this development by allowing your child ample opportunities to observe social skills in action. Family, friends, playdates and engaging in social activities such as enrolling in day care or preschool, can assist your child in developing social and language skills.

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