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Austin Child Care: Healthy foods for your infant

Posted on 01-13-2015


One of the most important factors in child care is nutrition. Children, and especially infants, need a healthy, balanced diet in order to grow and develop properly. Here is some information from Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin regarding healthy nutrition for your infant. Take note that you should discuss all nutrition decisions with your child’s pediatrician.

Breast milk and baby formula

Most infant care experts agree on one thing: Breastmilk is the most essential part of an infant’s diet. Most seem to agree that for the first six months of your child’s life, breast milk or a pediatrician approved infant formula should be the only source of nutrition. Sometime after about four months, you can begin to introduce very soft foods such as rice cereal, but check with your pediatrician first. Breast milk should continue to be part of the diet until at least age two.

Rice cereal

This should be the first solid food that your infant consumes. After about four months, you can begin to introduce about two teaspoons of rice cereal every day. It is important that you use either breastmilk or baby formula to mix in and not cow’s milk or other milks at this young age. Defer to your pediatrician’s advice regarding the exact age at which you should introduce rice cereal, or any other first solid food.

Fruit and vegetables

By the time your child reaches the age of seven months, you can begin to introduce very small amounts of fruit and vegetables into the diet with your doctor’s approval. Start by introducing about a quarter of a cup of soft fruit and/or vegetables every day. Ideally, you want to start with more mild foods such as soft-boiled carrots, bananas or mashed potatoes.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Austin has years of experience with infant care. For more information, contact us today

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